Your Cool Fat Blaster “After Shower Lotion” Questions Answered!

Q: Do I need a prescription to get Cool Fat Blaster “After Shower Lotion”?

A: Absolutely not! Cool Fat Blaster “After Shower Lotion” is the fully approved alternative to expensive “In-Office” procedures! To have bottles delivered right to your door, all you have to do is call 1-833-202-2860 and a NO PRESSURE Operator will help you

Q: How does Cool Fat Blaster “After Shower Lotion” actually work?

A: Since top researchers at Harvard University developed the initial concept, the scientific explanation would (understandably) take hours to explain, and a PHD in science to understand. But put simply, Cool Fat Blaster “After Shower Lotion” is 100% proven to “cool & freeze” unwanted fat cells deep below your skin - causing them to expand and “self destruct” (something you can’t feel at all). The destroyed fat cells are then simply excreted by your body… allowing you to lose 8 pounds ever 7 days (without dieting and without exercise).

Q: Is Cool Fat Blaster “After Shower Lotion”safe for sensitive skin?

A: Absolutely YES! Cool Fat Blaster “After Shower Lotion” is safe and gentle, even for people with the most sensitive skin.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: None! Cool Fat Blaster “After Shower Lotion” only uses the purest, clinically proven ingredients.